Review: Jumpsuit

In recent years, the jumpsuit has become a trending look and design variations proliferate. Here are some versions that in some respects stay true to the utilitarian beginnings, in design, but more importantly, by staying true to the ethics of work and community. These versions are from companies making strides towards sustainability in terms of the fabrics they use, the labor they employ, their political and creative activism, and their inclusivity.

When working with clients, we start to think of everyday clothing choices as a form of material mantra. The things we wear have a way of speaking to us throughout the day, directly through touch and the way they feel on our bodies, but also through image and the narratives we attach to them. Jumpsuits can be a powerful material mantra.

Jumpsuits remind me to focus on the actions in my life over the materials. They are a reminder of the meaning that can be found in communal action, in minimalism and efficiency. They are cause to contemplate what we lose in the seeming bounty of choice considered “freedom.”

Truly, the most “jumpsuit” choice might be no jumpsuit at all.

Gabriella Ditalia