Style Journey: Galla

Each style journey is about discovering the narratives we’ve attached to our possessions and then identifying or creating new narratives that are intentional and aligned with our values and goals. The Good Shift process begins turning imagination into reality.

Galla, a creative professional with strong connections to art, design, and nature, was seeking refinement in her wardrobe as she began a new job. Also a yoga teacher, Galla balanced awareness of impermanence with self-evolution. She used her wardrobe as a lens for discovering both what was essential and also what could help move her into the next chapter of her personal power. She considered her evolving relationship to femininity, and her connection to her body through movement.

We came to define refinement in a way that could guide practical choices. The practice of refined style came from three fundamental elements. The first was self-awareness generated by taking a close look at her existing wardrobe. The second, clarity. This was achieved by paring down according to intentional values about quality, sustainable choices, and things that no longer supported Galla’s lifestyle going forward. Finally, we identified essential ideas and engagements like femininity, bold and creative play, ease of movement, and upcoming special events. Galla would look for pieces that best embodied these ideas, utilizing all dimensions and nuances of her power.

We translated some of her inspirations such as the aesthetic world of Wes Anderson, and artists using bold shapes and colorful palettes like Kristin Texeira and supergraphics like Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, into some clothing options that captured elements Galla defined as essential to her wardrobe.