New Client Package


Welcome Questionnaire

An initial questionnaire begins generating awareness and helps frame our intentions and expectations for our work together. As soon as the questionnaire is completed, we can schedule our sessions!

Session 1

In this 1 hour phone, Skype, or FaceTime session, we’ll discuss the Welcome Questionnaire in depth.

Session 3: Shoes & Accessories

Session 3: Shoes & Accessories

Core Sessions 2-4

In this series of three, two-hour, in-home or virtual sessions, we take a tour of your closet! We let your material possessions guide our inquiry into challenges, strengths, core values, and finally, intentions and visualizations for the future. In the first of these sessions we consider clothing, the second, shoes and accessories, and in the final of these core sessions, we work on styling based on all of our previous work. Session 1: Clothing Assessment Session 2: Shoes & Accessories

Session 5

In a final one hour session, we reflect on and celebrate your journey! We assess your original goals and perspectives and make sure you’re confident with your new intentions and awareness. You will receive you’re personalized Vision Magazine. This portrait documents and celebrates our journey together and supports the vision of your future!