The Good Shift package includes:

  • Six, one-on-one, in-home or virtual sessions. To begin, you’ll explore your relationship with your wardrobe as well as your goals and values by filling out a Welcome Questionnaire. Our first session is one hour devoted to exploring your responses and continuing to generate awareness and to set intentions. This first session is followed by three sessions to generate specific awareness around your current wardrobe: clothes, shoes & accessories, and a session focused on styling these elements. In a fifth, hour-long session, I’ll deliver Vision Magazine, your personalized style guide. Finally, we will have a "check-in” session to ensure the sustainability of the practices you’ve developed.

  • Additional support and guidance in the form of divination, shamanic journeying practice, and a workbook with meditation, journaling, visualizations, and observational exercises.

  • A personalized, virtual vision board and curated online window shopping experience.

  • Vision Magazine: This full color, 20 page, printed guide is an intimate style portrait documenting your style journey and supporting your intentional future.

If you’re considering doing this work, please request a free 20 minute interview in order to learn how this process can best serve you at this particular time in your life.


Vision Magazine - A full color, personalized style-guide for Good Shift Clients