“Say what you see and you experience yourself through your style of seeing and saying.”

 - Mark Doty, Still Life with Lemon and Oysters


Thank you for taking the first step on this transformative journey. I’m honored to guide the process. Please take 35 - 45 minutes to fill out this 6 part questionnaire. Each part should take from 5-10 minutes. These questions will begin to structure our work ahead by generating awareness and creating exciting possibilities. I very much look forward to learning about you.

With Love, Light, and Peace, Gabriella

Name *
Part 1 - Intentions (5 questions)
Part 2 - Your Closet (8 questions)
Part 3 - Inspiration (12 questions)
Part 4 - Commitments & Activities
Part 5 - Part Beliefs & Assessments (7 questions)
Part 6 - Spiritual Practice & Self-Development (4 questions)
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